Helpful Resources

We’ve collected some additional links and information that can help you better prevent and manage vascular diseases.

Who Treats
Vascular Disease?

General practitioners, like your primary care provider, can help patients navigate next steps in their vascular health care. Vascular surgeons, interventional cardiologists, and interventional radiologists may be involved in treating vascular conditions. 

We highly encourage all patients with vascular conditions to consult with their health care provider and at least one vascular specialist before making treatment decisions.

Prescription Assistance

If you need assistance paying for your medications, you may be able to contact the pharmaceutical company who manufactures your medications directly. Most drug companies have sponsored patient assistance programs.

Unfortunately, there is no standard enrollment processes. Someone at your health care provider’s office, like a case manager, nurse, or medical assistant, may be able to help you enroll. You can ask your local pharmacist for help, too.

In the meantime, here are some steps to try:

1. Search the name of your drug on GoodRx, to find coupons and pricing tips.

2. Do an internet search using your medication’s name & “assistance program” or “savings program”

3. Call your medication’s manufacturer and ask if they have an assistance program

4. Check out other resources for prescription help below:

  • Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs is designed to help Medicare beneficiaries who qualify for the program (Some restrictions apply.)
  • The National Council on Aging Benefits Checkup is a free service that can help you find possible cost savings on your prescriptions.
  • Find additional assistance programs that may be available in your state via and

Get Involved in Research

PAD Patient Support

Show Me PAD is a decision aid for patients with peripheral artery disease. This resource helps patients become better informed to help them work with their provider in choosing PAD treatments that are right for them.

We understand that sometimes it can be challenging to communicate your symptoms during your doctor’s appointment. Stand Against Amputation offers a PAD assessment quiz that you can print and bring to your next MD visit. Find out more here: Symptom Quiz.

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