Empower. Collaborate. Cure.

We are improving the millions of lives affected by vascular conditions outside of the heart
through research, education, and collaboration.


Every year, more than 200,000 individuals around the world visit our website to learn about vascular disease and connect to critical resources.

Our patient advocates have improved over 20 different research, education, and public health initiatives as advisors.


Our Innovation Summits have created 10 collaborative, high-impact research projects and special patient initiatives.

We bring together our network of 120 leading vascular healthcare and research organizations with patients to advance high-need solutions.


We have invested over $12.5M in high-impact, patient-centered research.

Our career development grant recipients have generated $107M in additional research funding.

We achieve results.

We fund research that advances cures and treatments for vascular patients. Our achievements include medical device technology, adult stem cell research to grow new blood vessels, and identifying a gene variation that improves healing by 250%. Our researchers are learning how to predict strokes, uncovering the relationship between PAD and diabetes, and understanding the biochemistry that causes collateral vessel growth that can prevent amputations.

We multiply your investment.

For every $150,000 granted, each Wylie Scholar reports an average $4.5 million in subsequent national research funding, a 30:1 return on investment.

We support the next generation of innovators.

Through the Wylie Scholar program, Vascular Cures provides three-year career development grants. Most of the recipients have gone on to become chiefs at major academic centers across North America.

We catalyze novel collaborations.

Our programs have brought together leaders from 120 diverse organizations, including care providers (multiple specialities and disciplines), researchers, biopharma and device companies, insurers, government and patients. We are uniquely positioned to offer a non-competitive approach to developing consensus views and actionable strategies. Our Collaborative Patient-Centered Research (CPCR) grants have awarded $833,000 to leading researchers from 17 institutions.

We leverage the brightest minds.

We engage world-class experts as our advisors, who provide active leadership in multiple disciplines. Their involvement is a testament to their belief in the immense potential of our projects and their urgency. Our Board of Directors includes highly accomplished leaders in healthcare, business, and medicine.

Empowering people on their vascular health journey

Putting the patient voice first

Providing a trusted central resource.

Education and awareness are the foundation of patient empowerment. Vascular Cures is committed to offering accessible, accurate, and engaging educational content, reviewed by patients themselves, to individuals and healthcare providers.