2014 Wylie Scholar

Matthew Corriere, MD 2014

Associate Professor of Surgery University of Michigan Health System

The Wylie Award supports Dr. Corriere’s research aimed at increasing participation of patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) in their own care by enabling providers to involve them in treatment decisions. PAD affects over 8.5 million Americans, including over 20% of those over age 65. Claudication, a type of PAD characterized by leg pain and impaired walking, presents some of the most complicated decision-making challenges to patients and providers and will be the focus of the research. Exercise therapy, medication, procedures, or combinations of these treatments can be used for claudication since these treatments differ in terms of risk, invasiveness, and level of active patient participation required for success. Providers frequently face situations where a “best” treatment strategy is not clear. As a practicing vascular surgeon treating patients with PAD, Dr. Corriere has recognized that multiple barriers exist for providers attempting to make individualized treatment decisions: “Existing treatment guidelines are primarily based on disease severity and test results, without much attention directed toward the patient’s own goals.”

Dr. Corriere seeks to identify important factors to patients in order to make better treatment choices and to develop tools to help providers understand an patient’s personal goals and values. This information can then be used to create an individualized treatment plan consistent with what the patient wants to achieve. Although increasing patients’ participation in their own treatment choices has tremendous potential to improve care, providers currently lack efficient methods to identify patients’ preferences between different treatment options. Dr. Corriere plans to use consumer-marketing approaches to uncover this information and inform healthcare decisions. “Although I would have a very difficult time describing what factors are important to me for deciding what I like about a product, there are sophisticated approaches that can deduce this information based on my purchases. Anyone shopping online has experienced this technology, which uses a person’s shopping history to identify and present them with other products that are likely to interest them. By treating different treatment interventions as competing products and the patient as the healthcare consumer, we can use the same approach to deduce what matters to patients for treatment decisions.” By improving communication and understanding between patients and providers, this work seeks to improve PAD treatment through increased involvement of patients in their own care, increased efficiency through selective approaches to testing and treatment, and improved patient satisfaction.

“The Wylie Scholar Award has allowed me to move forward with work that I believe is truly innovative and has potential to redefine interactions between patients and providers. As a vascular surgeon treating patients with PAD on a weekly basis, I am excited about the potential for this research to positively impact care through development of more patient-centered approaches.”