2012 Wylie Scholar

Katherine Gallagher, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery, Vascular Division, Associate Professor of Microbiology and Immunology, University of Michigan University of Michigan

Diabetic wounds represent a significant health problem and are currently the leading cause of non-traumatic amputation in the United States. In an effort to address this problem, Dr. Gallagher is studying impaired wound healing in diabetes in order to design novel therapeutic agents for the treatment of these wounds. Currently, her laboratory is evaluating the role of inflammation and immune cell function in diabetic wounds. The impaired wound healing seen in diabetes is likely multifactorial, due to both alterations in the peripheral tissue and systemic alterations in the bone marrow. Stem cells from the bone marrow play a key role in wound healing. Her lab focuses on determining the molecular changes in these cells in diabetic patients and how this influences wound healing. Determining these alterations in stem cell populations in diabetics will allow for development of immune therapies targeting specific proteins involved in this process.