2001 Wylie Scholar

Edith Tzeng, MD

FACS Professor of Surgery University of Pittsburgh, Chief of Vascular Surgery VA Medical Center, Pittsburgh University of Pittsburgh (UPMC)

Dr. Tzeng is at the forefront of developing treatments to treat abnormal cell growth following angioplasty. Angioplasty is a type of surgery that uses a small balloon guided with a catheter to open blocked arteries. The balloon is inflated when it reaches the blockage, stretching and opening the artery for improved blood flow. Her research involves studying the effect of inhaled carbon monoxide in preventing inflammation and injury after angioplasty procedures.

As part of the healing process after angioplasty, inflammation occurs. Half of all treatments fail due to excessive scarring (restenosis). Dr. Tzeng is studying ways to reduce inflammation, and has shown significant positive outcomes in the healing process in animals.

Since receiving the Wylie Scholar Award, Dr. Tzeng has established a vascular laboratory that has mentored dozens of researchers. Ulka Sachdev, the 2008 Wylie Scholar, is one of her protégés.