2019 Wylie Scholar

Andrea Obi, MD 2019

Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery
University of Michigan

Dr. Andrea Obi received the 2019 Wylie Scholar Award for her work on “Impact of bone marrow progenitor cells epigenetic memory on venous thrombus formation and resolution”. Her lab seeks to better understand how blood clots in our veins form, the root cause of life-threatening conditions known as Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) and Pulmonary Embolism (PE).

Acute infection is incredibly common and increases the risk of DVT and death from PE. These conditions affect 1 in 1000 adults and lead to approximately 200,000-300,000 death per year.  Blood-thinners, the only available options for treatment and prevention, come with serious risks and cannot be used by everyone. Dr. Obi’s lab has established a link between infection, thrombosis and changes in the bone marrow programming of immune cells.  She and her team are working on understanding the interplay between the immune system and thrombosis to help identify new non-blood thinning techniques of preventing and treating DVT in the future.

Dr. Obi graduated from the University of Michigan Honors College, followed by a medical degree at Loyola University in 2008. She did her general surgery residency and vascular surgery fellowship at the University of Michigan where she was honored with the Lindenauer Vascular Research and Education Award and the James Crudup Award, which is awarded to the chief resident who has demonstrated the most outstanding accomplishments in research during residency training. She completed a research fellowship at the Conrad Jobst Vascular Laboratories in 2012, earning the prestigious Servier Travelling fellowship from the American Venous Forum and the D. Emerick Szilagyi Award for Clinical Research from the Midwestern Vascular Society during this time. She joined as faculty in 2017 and enjoys a comprehensive vascular surgery practice.

Dr. Obi’s clinical interests include vascular surgery, aneurysmal and occlusive diseases of the arterial system and the surgical management of superficial venous disease. Additionally, she has an interest in arterial and venous reconstructions following cancer resection.