Types of Vascular Disease

There are many different types of vascular disease. Some are caused by lifestyle factors, like level of physical activity and diet. Others are caused by genetics. And sometimes the onset of vascular disease can be linked to both, and to other factors as well. That’s why it’s important to learn about the different types of vascular diseases, and to speak to a provider if you might be at risk. Read on for information about common vascular diseases.

Vascular disease can affect everyone.

The cost in terms of pain, disability, and medical treatment are enormous. For example, healthcare costs related to PAD are more than $21 billion annually in the US alone. Stroke costs $33 billion, spent on hospitalizations and related healthcare. The costs continue to grow because vascular diseases are often diagnosed later and become a chronic issue that involves frequent complications.

Because the vascular system is so complex and far reaching, diseases can appear anywhere in the body in many different forms. Vascular disease often occurs along with other diseases like diabetes or heart disease.

Use the information in the links below to learn more about 27 different types of vascular diseases including the most common: PAD, Atherosclerosis, and Carotid Artery Disease.