Meet Gertrude Campbell

Gertrude Campbell

Emeritus Advisory Board Member

A little about Gertrude Campbell

Gertrude Campbell had diabetes for a number of years and when she began suffering leg pain she was not screened for peripheral artery disease (PAD). Her untreated PAD ultimately resulted in the amputation of her left leg. A few years later, advanced PAD (Critical limb-threatening Ischemia) caused her to lose her right leg. Gertrude realized how little she knew about the disease and worked tirelessly to bring awareness of PAD to both the local and national levels. In September 2019, she testified before Congress about the risks of and the need for policies to reduce preventable amputations and also shared her powerful story with Rep. Donald Payne as part of the effort to raise awareness about the risks of PAD and the need for policies to reduce preventable amputations. Gertrude represented patients in the Vascular Cures Patient-Reported Outcome Measures in PAD (PROM-PAD) Working Group.

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