Vascular Heroes – Dr. Lyssa Ochoa and Staff at The San Antonio Vascular and Endovascular Clinic (The SAVE Clinic)

Vascular Surgeon Dr. Lyssa Ochoa, founder of the SAVE Clinic, and her dedicated staff work hard to provide comprehensive and coordinated patient-centered vascular healthcare to underserved areas of San Antonio where diabetes-related amputations occur in rates up to 3 times higher … Read More

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Vascular Heroes – Danny Conte & Bobby Moran

Content written by: Danny Conte & Bobby Moran

By way of introduction, Bobby and I are both graduates of Boston College and are currently living in New York City. Bobby grew up in Pennsylvania and I have lived in the … Read More

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Vascular Hero – Katelyn Jackson

Katelyn has been with Vascular Cures for the past five years and is currently serving as our Director of Operations and Marketing. She was drawn to the role because of her Factor V Leiden diagnosis and family history of vascular … Read More

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Vascular Hero – Morgan Putbrese

Morgan Putbrese is a motivational and vocal advocate for vascular disease awareness, based on her experiences with a complex vascular malformation called Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS). She was born with little muscle development in her left leg, and has spent the last few years working on exercising and training … Read More

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