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Project Voice was designed to improve outcomes for PADpatients by advancing the field of digitally enabled home-based exercise therapy (DHET) and the use of patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures in PAD care and research. Exercise (walking) therapy has been shown to significantly improve health outcomes in symptomatic PAD patients. Vascular Cures has supported two feasibility studies and is currently working with Kaiser Permanente of Northern California to design a breakthrough, large-scale study at Kaiser to improve the health outcomes of patients with peripheral artery disease (PAD) in a way that is scalable and cost-effective.

Peripheral artery disease (PAD)is a chronic and disabling disease that affects about 10 million Americans, including up to 20% of people over 65. PAD costs $21 billion per year to treat and is a leading cause of disability and amputation, often resulting in death. Several widespread issues contribute to PAD:

  • Physical inactivity worsens symptoms, mobility, and underlying disease
  • Low patient engagement delays treatment and reduces compliance
  • Lack of information limits patients’ understanding of their diagnosis and capacity for self-health management

While supervised exercise therapy (SET) in a clinical setting can markedly improve walking endurance in symptomatic PAD patients, they often find it difficult to regularly attend their prescribed exercise sessions. Studies have shown that home-based exercise therapy, when the program is followed, can improve walking endurance and claudication (leg pain) onset time in PAD patients.

We have partnered with leading experts in the fields of PAD, exercise therapy, behavior modification and digital technology to design a digitally enabled home-based exercise therapy (DHET) program that we believe could be a long-term, scalable care solution that creates value for both patients and health systems/care providers. The Voice approach to home-based exercise therapy utilizes an activity tracker, a patient portal(web and application), and patient engagement resources to provide:

  • Real-time tracking of PAD patients’walking activity
  • Real-time reporting of activity data back to patients in a way that is visually interesting and engaging
  • Scheduling and granular recording of exercise compliance, duration, and effort
  • Continuous reporting of data to care, providers, to objectively track changes in both passive activity as well as exercise tolerance
  • A way to capture patient-reported quality of life outcomes from patients (i.e. surveys & questionnaires)
  • Educational materials to patients which increases empowerment and engagement

PAD is a chronic disease that affects about 10 million Americans, including up to 20% of people over 65. PAD costs $21 billion per year to treat and is a leading cause of disability and amputation, often resulting in death. Co-morbidities frequently include diabetes and heart disease. Advanced peripheral artery disease frequently requires repeat surgeries and hospitalizations, compromising patients’ lives and driving up their cost of care. Several widespread issues contribute to the high cost of PAD:

  • Physical inactivity worsens symptoms, mobility and underlying disease
  • Low patient engagement delays treatment and reduces compliance
  • Lack of information limits patients’ understanding of their diagnosis and capacity for self-health management
  • Intermittent monitoring delays time-sensitive intervention to prevent loss of vascular function
  • Insufficient patient-reported data can lead to inappropriate treatment decisions and incomplete research results

Project Voice addresses all of these needs. The Project Voice program directly contributes to patient accountability and improved health management by:

  • Measuring and motivating walking, which has proven medical benefit
  • Improving disease management through community support, educational resources and patient-reported outcomes data
  • Providing an early warning system for health problems that could quickly become disabling

This 3-in-1 solution for PAD patients, clinicians and researchers includes wearable devices, health trackers, peer communities, online health surveys, and educational resources. The interface is accessible via mobile device or computers. Additional partner technologies or programs for these audiences are easily integrated.

Vascular Cures has a long track record and national network of experts in PAD treatment and research. Project Voice was designed with these leading vascular specialists. It tracks and compiles walking, quality of life and other health data that are most meaningful to PAD patients, clinicians and researchers. In addition, it has both educational resources and peer communities specifically geared to patients with PAD and diseases commonly associated such as heart disease and diabetes. These patient resources help people better understand their diagnosis and treatment options, and build confidence to partner with their doctors. Through increased knowledge and confidence, shared decision-making becomes possible.

By providing an integrated, richly resourced solution for patients and clinician/researchers, Project Voice goes far beyond fitness trackers and digital research tools provided on mobile devices. Both academic medical centers and industry may use it to gather patient-reported outcomes and quality of life data. Vascular Cures will both sponsor studies and promote third party use of Project Voice in clinical trials through its long-standing relationships at premier academic medical centers throughout the US.


Project Voice offers innovators the opportunity to advance business goals in a major healthcare market. We welcome participation by corporate and other stakeholders as sponsors. Benefits for sponsors include:

  • Advisory board engagement with senior level stakeholders including KOLs, industry, patients, payers, and providers
  • Access to national network of vascular experts
  • Access to patients for trial recruitment, research and insights into the patient experience, as well as population data
  • High visibility as a solution provider in vascular disease including education and patient engagement
  • Co-development opportunities for technology and health programming

Given the association of PAD, diabetes and heart disease, partners in Project Voice can have an impact on multiple fields of healthcare. Vascular Cures has the ability to rapidly cycle development concepts and deploy solutions through its national network of prominent leaders in clinical care and research at major academic medical centers across North America.

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