Meet Steve

Steve is the Chief Marketing Officer for a Commercial Credit Education company. He is a dedicated Oregon Ducks football fan, tennis player and proud grandfather. Steve is passionate about spreading the word about the importance of walking for patients with Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD).

He was diagnosed with the disease twelve years ago. Steve started having pain in his lower calves that affected his ability to walk. Due to a totally blocked artery in his right leg and a partially occluded main artery in his left leg, his vascular surgeon recommended bypass surgery. Steve discussed his options with another vascular surgeon. He told him, ‘I really can’t improve your quality of life with surgery. What you need to do is start walking.’ Steve started walking regularly. The blood flow in his legs improved enough that he was able to avoid surgery. He continues to walk daily. He sticks to a regular workout routine and gets in a game of doubles tennis three times a week. He balances his exercise with a proper diet and prescribed medications. In addition to serving as a Patient Partner, Steve is a member of the Vascular Cures Advisory Board.

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