For Patients, With Patients

Vascular Cures is committed to advocating for the prioritization of the patient voice in innovation.

Our Patients as Partners Program is designed to facilitate the engagement of patient advisors in national research and care improvement initiatives. We are also interested in engaging caregivers and family members impacted by vascular disease. We are fostering a community of representative, empowered advocates to claim their seat at the table as true Partners.

Partner Project Examples:

What our Partner
community is saying:

“Thank you to Vascular Cures. I’m learning so much and I’m asking better questions when I speak to my provider.”
Cheryl’s Story
“I didn’t realize that my diagnosis would lead me to opportunities that can help other people. I’ve had to make a lot of changes in my life. But in the end, it’s worth it.”
Sara’s Story

Types of Projects our Partners
are involved with:

“Pam is working with UpToDate to write a patient perspective piece on living with PAD.”

“Steve is helping update clinical guidelines with the Society for Vascular Surgery.”

“Cheryl is working with the American Heart Association as an advisor to their PAD National Action Plan.”

“Elizabeth is working with Janssen as a patient advisor on their Patient Engagement Research Council to help design research studies and educational content.”

Our past webinars designed for patients, caregivers and advocates.

The Fundamentals of Patient Engagement

Shared Decision-Making:
Engaging patients, improving outcomes

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Interested in Engaging a Patient or Partner advisor?

Interested in being part of this community as a patient, advocate or caregiver?