Empower. Collaborate. Cure.

Our mission is to reduce the burden of vascular disease by advancing patient-centered research, Catalyzing breakthrough collaborations and empowering people on their vascular health journeys.

Empower: Education & Awareness

Education and awareness are the foundation of patient empowerment.

Vascular Cures is committed to offering accessible, accurate, and engaging educational content, reviewed by patients themselves, to individuals and healthcare providers.

Empower: Patients as Partners

The Patients as Partners program engages patient advisors in national initiatives to fight vascular disease.

It is designed to ensure that the patient voice is included everywhere decisions about improving healthcare are being made.

Collaborate:  Vascular Health Impact Network

A first-of-its-kind forum to convene leaders and advocates across vascular care.

Collaborate: Vascular Health Impact Network 
A first-of-its-kind forum to convene leaders and advocates across vascular care and research exclusively to drive patient-centric solutions that address critical unmet needs.

Our current focus is collectively promoting vascular health equity.

Working Groups

These multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder projects are a non-competitive approach to developing consensus views And actionable strategies for advancing solutions that improve healthcare across sectors.

Cure: Patient-
Centered Research

The Collaborative Patient-Centered Research (CPCR) grants fund multi-institutional high-impact projects, That create shareable research assets and generate milestones within two years.

Cure: Wylie Scholar Program

Investing in tomorrow’s leaders in research and care by supporting early-career research, with the potential to meaningfully change lives.