Vascular Cures is Hiring!

Making Every Breath and Heartbeat Count: About Vascular Cures

Vascular Cures is seeking someone who is entrepreneurial, collaborative and committed to innovation – just as we have been for over three decades. We are the only national nonprofit representing the … Read More

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Dr. Aruna Pradhan Joins the Vascular Cures Scientific Advisory Board

Vascular Cures welcomes Dr. Aruna Pradhan, MD, MPH to our Scientific Advisory Board! Dr. Pradhan is a cardiologist, epidemiologist and clinical trialist at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital and is actively involved in the design, conduct, and analysis of a … Read More

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Congratulations to Dr. Matthew Eagleton

Vascular Cures congratulates Matthew Eagleton, MD on his new position as Chief of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital! Dr. Eagleton is a 2007 Wylie Scholar and former Associate Professor, Vascular Surgery and Biomedical Engineering at the Cleveland … Read More

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A Stent to Save Organs for Transplant

In the United States, only a quarter of the 120,000 patients who need an organ transplant ultimately receive one. Meanwhile, thousands of organs are discarded each year as a result of injury from inadequate blood flow (ischemic injury) as the … Read More

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