CPCR (Collaborative Patient-Centered Research) Grants 2021

The Vascular Cures CPCR Grants Program is designed to fill a critical funding gap by rewarding high-risk, collaborative science that prioritizes the patient perspective. Two 2021 CPCR grants have been awarded to two teams of established clinician-scientists at five leading academic medical centers. … Read More

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Vascular Hero – John Byrne

Dr. John Byrne, Wylie Scholar 2018, recently worked with an “Operation Remote Immunity” medical team to provide COVID vaccinations to Indigenous communities in Northern Ontario.  Since many of these First Nation, Inuit, and Métis communities are very … Read More

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Five Trends Driving Vascular Innovation in 2021

The Five Trends Driving Vascular Innovation in 2021…

…are informed by our covid-19 experience – testing, vaccine development, and distribution as well as health policy and societal norms around disease prevention and treatment. Above all, we are seeing real-time what … Read More

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Top 10 Vascular Innovations to Watch in 2021

A Note from Vascular Cures:

While much of the world and our lives have been on hold this year, it is heartening to know that new technologies with the potential to dramatically improve, or even save, the lives of vascular … Read More

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