Mental Health – Why it Matters in Vascular Disease

Vascular disease is a complex issue. Most patients recognize how vascular disease affects our physical health. It’s also important to note that vascular disease can affect mental health. Yet, there is little discussion on mental health as an aspect of vascular disease. … Read More

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Dr. Andrea Obi Receives K08 Career Development Award

2019 Wylie Scholar, Andrea Obi MD, University of Michigan, received a NHLBI K08 Career Development Award for her project “Myeloid TLR4 epigenetic regulation and signaling in accelerating venous thrombus resolution.” This parallels her Wylie project that seeks to better understand how blood clots in our … Read More

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Heart-Healthy Recipes: Chicken Adobo

This Vascular Healthy Chicken Adobo Recipe tastes delicious, and can even help prevent or manage vascular disease! … Read More

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Dr. Kevin Southerland Announced as 2021 Wylie Scholar

Vascular Cures is pleased to announce Kevin Southerland MD, an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Duke University as the 2021 Wylie Scholar. His research work is on the “Transcriptional Dynamics and Heterogeneity of Macrophages in Chronic Limb Threatening Ischemia”. 

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