Vascular Heroes – Danny Conte & Bobby Moran

Content written by: Danny Conte & Bobby Moran

By way of introduction, Bobby and I are both graduates of Boston College and are currently living in New York City. Bobby grew up in Pennsylvania and I have lived in the … Read More

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What Patient Engagement Means to Me: Insights from a Patient Partner

Morgan Putbrese is a vocal patient partner with Vascular Cures. Born with a rare vascular condition, Morgan has spent several years building up a platform in order to raise awareness about her story and the importance of patient engagement and Read More

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Patient Engagement & Why It Matters

This is the first in a series of blogposts on Patient Engagement in Research.

What is Patient Engagement?

“Patient engagement” is a phrase you may hear a lot. Everyone seems to talk about this, from providers to advocacy groups. But … Read More

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Let’s Take a New Approach to Health Equity Through Vascular Health, Says Duke University School of Medicine

The Duke University Health System Department of Clinical Education and Professional Development and TotalCME, Inc., in collaboration with the Society for Vascular Medicine and Vascular Cures, has published an accredited, microlearning educational program that profiles the Duke School of Medicine’s … Read More

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