Top 10 Vascular Innovations to Watch in 2021

A Note from Vascular Cures:

While much of the world and our lives have been on hold this year, it is heartening to know that new technologies with the potential to dramatically improve, or even save, the lives of vascular … Read More

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Vascular Innovation Spotlight: Covellus | A New Modular Approach To Endovascular Procedures

“Our technology is a completely new paradigm where the physician is empowered to create or adapt the catheter tools in the operating room at the time of the procedure to meet the evolving needs of the patient and procedure.” Bradley … Read More

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Vascular Innovation Spotlight: Spectrum Antimicrobials | Super Bug Super Hero for Diabetic Wound Care

“We have created chemistries that are hundreds to thousands of times stronger than other (antimicrobial) product currently on the market, are compatible with human and animal tissue, and have been found to be safe.” explains Hoji Alimini, Co-founder/CEO, Spectrum Antimicrobials. … Read More

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Vascular Innovation Spotlight: Patients as Partners | Learnings from a CLTI Patient’s COVID Horror Story

Excerpt: “Every hospital needs some sort of limb preservation unit in them…just like hospitals have a Level 1 Trauma Center,” explains Dr. David Armstrong, Professor of Surgery/Director of Southwestern Academic Limb Salvage Alliance, Keck School of Medicine of USC.Read More

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