Patient Partner Profile: Julie

Julie Thomson is an active mother of three grown children who hikes or bikes almost every day. She is dedicated to encouraging patients to educate themselves about their vascular health condition so they are better equipped to be their own … Read More

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Vascular Innovation Spotlight: Covellus | A New Modular Approach To Endovascular Procedures

“Our technology is a completely new paradigm where the physician is empowered to create or adapt the catheter tools in the operating room at the time of the procedure to meet the evolving needs of the patient and procedure.” Bradley … Read More

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Vascular Innovation Spotlight: Spectrum Antimicrobials | Super Bug Super Hero for Diabetic Wound Care

“We have created chemistries that are hundreds to thousands of times stronger than other (antimicrobial) product currently on the market, are compatible with human and animal tissue, and have been found to be safe.” explains Hoji Alimini, Co-founder/CEO, Spectrum Antimicrobials. … Read More

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