Patient Engagement & Why It Matters

This is the first in a series of blogposts on Patient Engagement in Research.

What is Patient Engagement?

“Patient engagement” is a phrase you may hear a lot. Everyone seems to talk about this, from providers to advocacy groups. But … Read More

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Vascular Hero – Katelyn Jackson

Katelyn has been with Vascular Cures for the past five years and is currently serving as our Director of Operations and Marketing. She was drawn to the role because of her Factor V Leiden diagnosis and family history of vascular … Read More

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Mental Health – Why it Matters in Vascular Disease

Vascular disease is a complex issue. Most patients recognize how vascular disease affects our physical health. It’s also important to note that vascular disease can affect mental health. Yet, there is little discussion on mental health as an aspect of vascular disease. … Read More

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