Transforming vascular healthcare by advancing patient-centered research, catalyzing breakthrough collaborations and empowering people on their vascular health journey.

Vascular Cures is committed to creating healthier vascular systems for everyone – the crucial highways of the body that make every breath and heartbeat count. We are working to reduce pain and disability from the underrecognized and growing vascular diseases that are leading causes of death in the US. Tens of millions of individuals are affected, and everyone is at risk.

From Vision to Impact

For almost 40 years, Vascular Cures has been improving vascular health by investing in patients, high-impact research, and healthcare leaders who can change the system for patients everywhere.


Our programs create better, faster solutions through an entrepreneurial spirit, collaboration, and prioritizing the patient voice. Everything we do is both for patients and with patients.


Vascular Cures is pleased to share our audited financial documentation that demonstrates how we fund our mission to fight death and disability from vascular diseases. Combined documentation from Vascular Cures and the Pacific Vascular Research Institute are available.

Our Team

Meet our dedicated staff, board of directors, advisors, and volunteers who are passionate about serving patients through our mission.