Steps for PAD

PAD Awareness Month
Virtual Run/Walk/Ride Challenge

September 9th - 18th

About the Challenge

The Steps for PAD Challenge is a run/hike/walk challenge that promotes vascular health while raising awareness for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD). This is our third annual event during Peripheral Artery Disease Awareness Month! Challenge yourself to walk, run, hike, or wheel over 10 days. Log your miles here between September 9th and September 18th. Use a tracking app like Strava, Garmin, MapMyRun, or others to log your activities. Submit your daily mileage and time for a chance at prizes and recognition.

Step 1: Get Active!

Walk, run, hike, bike, or row… the sky is the limit!

Step 2: Track

Track your distance on your phone, smartwatch, or pedometer.

Step 3: Enter

Upload your distance/time or steps on the challenge platform

Last Year’s Fun!

Free patient registration

If you have ever been diagnosed with a vascular condition, you can participate in the challenge for free. Use code PATIENTS at checkout for free registration.

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