Dr. Tammy Nguyen Announced as 2022 Wylie Scholar 
Published on: 06/01/2022
/ By David Sayas
Vascular Cures is pleased to announce that Tammy T. Nguyen MD PhD, Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Massachusetts, is the 2022 Wylie Scholar.

Her research project is “Exploring How the Diabetic Immune System Contributes to Non-Healing Ulcers”.

Dr. Nguyen describes her project: “Type 2 diabetic (T2D) patients have a thirty-fold increased lifetime risk of developing a foot ulcer, of which 50% will lead to a lower extremity amputation and subsequently a 40% increased mortality risk.

Diabetic foot ulcers are associated with impaired bone marrow-derived immune function. To study the effect of T2D on the development of the human immune system and design targeted therapies to combat poor wound healing in T2D, I have developed a novel method to collect and expand human stem cells directly from the bone marrow of T2D and non-T2D donors that underwent lower extremity amputation for non-healing wounds.” 

Wylie Scholar Program, now in its 26th year, awards one outstanding, young surgeon-scientist in North America with a $150,000 three-year career development grant for projects that combine active patient care with academic research. The award supports crucial research that enables them to compete for future research funding. Wylie Scholars become North America’s world-class vascular surgeon-scientists; many are now chiefs at major academic centers, prominent leaders in the field, and play a key role in our programs. Vascular Cures is a national non-profit advancing innovation in healthcare and research for diseases outside the heart. The program’s investment has generated a 30:1 return in subsequent funding for the scholars and their institutions.