Circulate! 2022

Join us in celebrating from anywhere in the world! This year we are focusing on caring and curing together. We’ll celebrate the progress we’ve made towards vascular health, the incredible people who make that possible and look forward to a healthy future.

Our favorite REI model, Colin, will continue to be the master of ceremonies, broadcasting from a live television studio to our community across the country and world – you can watch and participate from anywhere you are.

We’ll honor our 2022 Vascular Hero, a special patient for their dedication to vascular health and patient advocacy. We’ll highlight leaders in research and care and empowering patient stories. We’ll host a raffle and auction. And of course, we’ll continue to have fun as a community coming together in a new way with the same goal in mind: making every breath and heartbeat count.

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Circulate 2022

Caring and Curing Together

Circulate! 2022 is an inspiration gathering to celebrate the connections Vascular Cures fosters for the benefit of the patient.

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

Be The Voice For Patients Like You!

Vascular Cures is inviting patients and advocates to share their stories, advise on our programs, and help us advocate for patient needs. Patients as Partners is a community where patients are heard, empowered, and encouraged to impact the health system. Learn more and request more information.

Chances are that you or someone you know is affected by vascular disease. Help change the future by donating to Vascular Cures to help advance new treatments, improve quality of life, and ultimately bring us closer to cures.

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