Content written by: Danny Conte & Bobby Moran

By way of introduction, Bobby and I are both graduates of Boston College and are currently living in New York City. Bobby grew up in Pennsylvania and I have lived in the Bay Area with my family since 2008. We met our Sophomore Year of college and have been close friends ever since, including sticking together as roommates for the past three years.



Over the past year or so, Bobby and I have begun to develop a newfound interest in running. As a result of this, we became very interested in the idea of running a marathon for a significant cause. We spent time thinking about what we may be most passionate and/or proud of, as we knew that we wanted to choose an organization/cause that would be important to us.


I met Dr. Ron Stoney when my family and I first moved to the Bay Area, and since then he has had an incredible influence on my life. His big heart stands out to all who meet him and his consistent passion for the medical field has always truly inspired me.


To further honor Dr. Stoney and the organization he has helped build, Bobby and I are extremely excited to announce that we will be running the 2021 San Francisco Marathon on behalf of Vascular Cures and Dr. Ron Stoney. We are beyond honored to have the opportunity to support vascular health and the legacy that Dr. Stoney has built.


Thank you to Megan Patterson and the Vascular Cures team for helping to coordinate our partnership. We are thrilled to support and look forward to seeing everyone at mile 26!