Katelyn has been with Vascular Cures for the past five years and is currently serving as our Director of Operations and Marketing. She was drawn to the role because of her Factor V Leiden diagnosis and family history of vascular disease. Katelyn has been a vital part of the Vascular Cures mission to innovate patient-centered research, catalyze breakthrough collaborations and empower people in their vascular health journey.

Katelyn is an adamant promotor of physical and vascular health. She loves to explore the outdoors in her local area and across the country by visiting national parks. Katelyn loves going on long hikes and walk and is working toward completing the #52HikeChallenge. That’s one hike per week for the entire year!

Katelyn spends her free time as the Moai (pronounced “mo’-eye”) Lead for a walking group under the Monterey County Blue Zones Project, a community-wide well-being improvement initiative. The moais draw different people from across generations and fitness levels, and also ideologies. The walking group focuses on walking as exercise in a safe and social environment. She leads a group of over a dozen members as she promotes body positivity, physical health, and community involvement. Katelyn wants everyone to know that “Walking should be for everybody and everybody should feel like they’re part of the team.” To see the article featuring Katelyn and her walking group by the Monterey County Weekly, click here.

Katelyn Jackson, the moai lead for Monterey Bay Moves, and Doris Takayama lead the group at Locke-Paddon Park. (by Monterey County Weekly)

If you are in the Monterey County area and interested in joining the Moai walking group, click the link or email the address below for more information!

Blue Zones Project – Walking Group
Website: https://montereycounty.bluezonesproject.com/activity/detail/5cd4cb18e4b02b106ef6eb23
Email: bluezonesprojectmontereycounty@sharecare.com