Vascular Hero – Morgan Putbrese

Morgan Putbrese is a motivational and vocal advocate for vascular disease awareness, based on her experiences with a complex vascular malformation called Klippel Trenaunay Syndrome (KTS). She was born with little muscle development in her left leg, and has spent the last few years working on exercising and training to reduce the aches and pains that can come with her condition.   

Morgan has found many ways to bring awareness and understanding to vascular conditions. Morgan is a Vascular Birthmarks Foundation Ambassador, and uses her platform to empower others to learn more and gain confidence in their abilities. Morgan has also written extensively about her experiences with the healthcare system, in order to promote patient engagement and advocacy.  

Morgan is currently studying occupational therapy while working as a Crossfit trainer. She works with diverse populations to promote adaptive Crossfit, encouraging those with physical disabilities to persevere in their wellness journeys. Morgan lifts others up through her extensive work in the vascular and rare disease realms, reminding us all that “even when faced with something progressive and rare, the mentality we have in facing these challenges is what can make or break us”. 

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