Paid Opportunity for Patients with Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia

Chronic Limb Threatening Ischemia (CLTI) is the most severe form of peripheral artery disease (PAD). Patients should have a say in decisions made about their health. We want to engage patients as partners in design of research. This project aims to create a one-of-a-kind CLTI working group. We want to understand how to increase patient engagement in CLTI research. 

CLTI Patient Gertrude speaking as part of a previous working group meeting

We are interested in having you participate in this working group, if that would be of interest to you. Some quick details about this project: 

  • This is a two-year, paid engagement project. 
  • The working group start date has yet to be decided, but will likely start in the Fall of 2021.  
  • We’re looking for individuals who have been diagnosed with CLTI and are medically stable, including folks with Peripheral Artery Disease and severe limb pain 
  • We are also looking for people and/or live-in caregivers impacted by CLTI 

Here is the full scope of the criteria we are using for patients: PCORI_Patient Recruitment Criteria.docx 

We would love to have you join this working group! If you are interested, please contact us at or fill out the intest form below.

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