Kym McNicholas, Emmy Award-winning Journalist

Vascular Cures is launching “Vascular Spotlight” to highlight innovations that can play a critical role in supporting the future of vascular health. The Vascular Spotlight series will feature mission-aligned entrepreneurs, researchers, start-ups, and organizations who will share their story of discovery and potential impact on saving life & limb.

As start-ups and other institutions revolutionize intervention and research the prevention and treatment of vascular disease, it’s important to have a platform to highlight what they discover and achieve — and have it presented in one place where the industry, researchers, doctors, and patients are presented with all of what’s new and next.












Vascular Spotlight will be initially presented with written Q&A and video podcasts on the Vascular Cures website then distributed via social media. Since the series will be hosted by Emmy Award-winning Journalist Kym McNicholas, it will also include an audio podcast distributed through the award-winning TheInnovators.Network and an expanded written insight piece called “The Heart of Innovation” to be published on In partnership with The Way To My Heart, a patient advocacy 501(c)(3), the series will also be modified for broadcast to their network of nearly 6,000 vascular patients.