An article recently posted on Medium, “Coronavirus May Be a Blood Vessel Disease, Which Explains Everything”, has experts theorizing on why COVID-19 may be a vascular disease.

Dr. Peter Schneider, a vascular surgery professor at UCSF and a member of the Vascular Cures Advisory Board, shares his thoughts:

“It makes sense that COVID-19 may actually be a vascular illness, given the myriad of clinical findings in different vascular territories, from heart attacks to strokes to limbs that lack enough blood supply to survive. The vascular

system is an amazing and efficient highway with immediate access to every corner of the anatomic map. This is usually a good thing; bringing oxygen and nutrients to where they are needed. COVID-19 behaves more like a Trojan Horse, bringing infection, inflammation, malfunction of the blood vessel cells (endothelial cells), and ultimately blood clot formation, blockage and lack of blood supply to multiple organs. It also makes sense that in many patients the symptoms are mild, whereas in others, they are severe and threatening, and this happens to correlate with other risk factors that are consistent with vascular inflammation (like diabetes) and decreased vascular reserve.”