Dr. Eric Choi Recognized for Amputation Prevention Work and Patient Empowerment

In 2006, Dr. Eric Choi was named our Wylie Scholar for his work on chronic kidney disease and chronic limb-threatening ischemia (CLTI).  Dr. Choi is currently serving as the Chief of Vascular Surgery at Temple Hospital and investigating ways to grow new blood vessels as a therapy for treating CLTI.

Recently, Dr. Choi was featured ABC 6 News for his work on providing amputation alternatives and encouraging patient empowerment. Many doctors told George Murphy, due to a lack of blood flow in his leg, that the only option to save his life was undergo an amputation. Fortunately, Murphy came to Dr. Choi for another opinion. After a seven-hour surgery, his heart function and circulation were improved and his leg was saved. 

Ultimately, Murphy’s story is one of success, but also rarity. Many patients fail to recognize when they are developing symptoms of vascular disease and don’t seek treatment early on. Ultimately, by staying educated on warning signs of vascular disease patients can better position themselves to avoid amputation.

Dr. Choi’s current research involves vein and artery complications in patients undergoing dialysis due to kidney failure. Because diabetic patients often develop peripheral artery disease and nerve damage, they face increased risk of lower limb amputation. Dr. Choi is passionate about patient empowerment and is working to increase amputation prevention awareness for all patients, especially at risk demographics.

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