Megan Patterson

Redwood City, CA: March 1, 2019

The Vascular Cures Board of Directors has appointed Megan Patterson as Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board effective March 1, 2019. Wendy Hitchcock, previously CEO, will remain on the Board of Directors. “It has been a tremendous honor to lead the organization for the last nine years, as together we have created a true engine of innovation to transform vascular health. Vascular Cures is a powerful catalyst for novel collaborations that accelerate patient-centered solutions to improve the lives of millions of people with vascular diseases outside the heart,” said Ms. Hitchcock.

Ms. Patterson has been serving as Vice President of Programs at Vascular Cures. She has diverse experience across life sciences, primarily in business development and project management for clinical development and regulatory advancement of healthcare products. At Vascular Cures, Ms. Patterson has been instrumental in launching new programs, playing a key role in improving operational excellence and shaping the strategic vision of the organization. “I am thrilled to have the honor of leading the next phase of Vascular Cures, and look forward to continuing to achieve our mission through our transformative programs. Now more than ever we have a great opportunity to leverage our unique strengths to directly impact patient lives and vascular health for all,” said Ms. Patterson.

“Embracing change is essential to Vascular Cures’ role in catalyzing health innovation. Wendy has been a key driver of our national impact in leading collaborative patient-centered vascular research. Her mentoring of Megan ushers in 21st-century leadership, while continuing to provide expertise and institutional knowledge on the Board of Directors,” said Ed Yu, Chairman. “Megan will be a great asset to develop Vascular Cures as the partner of choice to improve health outcomes.”

Vascular Cures is the leading mission-driven national non-profit focused exclusively on vascular disease. With a track record of over three decades, a national network of experts, multi-stakeholder collaborations, and world-renowned leadership in vascular health, it advances innovative approaches to value-based and patient-centered care.


Megan Patterson, CEO
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