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Vascular Cures has named Matthew Corriere, MD, at the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, as its 2014 Wylie Scholar in Academic Vascular Surgery.

Vascular Cures' Wylie Scholar Program provides financial assistance to outstanding surgeons at the early stage of their careers, to help them develop as academic vascular surgeon-scientists. Vascular Cures has advanced breakthrough research since 1982.

As of 2014, the award is co-sponsored by the Society of Vascular Surgery (SVS) Foundation. Our partnership reflects our shared commitment to advancing the field through development of the next generation of leading vascular surgeon-scientists.

We've established a group of 17 surgeon-scientists at 15 institutions around the country who are transforming patient care. For each $150,000 granted,the Scholars generated $2.8 million in subsequent national research funding – a return on investment of nearly 19 to 1! Vascular Cures' initial research investment of $8 million has enabled another $42 million in funding —producing $50 million for research. To read more about the impact of the Wylie Scholar program click here.


Application Procedure

Applications for the 2015 award are due March 31, 2015.  Click here to download the application.  The Wylie Scholar Program has created a network of talented academic surgeons, many of whom have become leaders in vascular surgery and research at major medical centers throughout North America.  Vascular Cures will award each Wylie Scholar $50,000 per year for up to three years, subject to an annual review by the committee. The maximum award available for any Scholar is $150,000. Payment of awards will be made to the candidate’s institution, and the institution will be responsible for disbursing all funds and for the administration of the grant. Vascular Cures does not pay indirect costs.

The award may be used for, but is not limited to: teaching, basic or clinical research, community service, and patient care. Throughout the duration of the program, Wylie Scholars will periodically be evaluated by their respective Chief of Vascular Surgery and by Vascular Cures' Review Committee.

To be eligible for consideration, Wylie Scholar candidates must hold a full-time faculty appointment as a vascular surgeon with active privileges at a medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education in the United States or the Committee for the Accreditation of Canadian Medical Schools in Canada. Only one nomination per institution per year will be considered. The following conditions must be met:

  • The candidate must be in the last year of, or have in the preceding 5 years completed a Vascular Surgery Board.
  • The candidate must present convincing evidence of rigorous research training and significant research accomplishments to date.
  • The candidate must prepare and present a challenging research plan to be completed during the term of the award.
  • The candidate must have a research mentor who will be an additional resource for his or her research.
  • The Chairman of the Department of Surgery must guarantee that the candidate will have 40% protected time available to devote to the research investigations.
  • The candidate is expected to participate in the Wylie Scholar award event each year during their research grant tenure. This includes participating in a scientific interchange with Vascular Cures Board of Directors and donors. Up to $1,800 of the annual stipend may be used for travel expenses and one night of lodging.

The Wylie Scholar Awards Committee of Vascular Cures will select the Scholar and present their recommendation to the Vascular Cures Board of Directors for final approval. The key criteria for selection of the potential Wylie Scholar will be a demonstrated aptitude for and interest in vascular research, skill and promise in vascular surgery, teaching ability, and leadership qualities. Selected candidates may be personally interviewed prior to the final selection.

Applications for the 2015 award are due by March 31, 2015. Click here to view the application form.