Thank you to our generous donors. Your efforts make it possible for us to advance innovative treatments, catalyze collaborations and empower patient engagement. Donations listed are from November 1, 2016 to November 1, 2017.
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Donors 2016/2017

Anonymous (2) (multi-year pledge)
Society for Vascular Surgery (multi-year pledge)
Khachaturian Foundation
$10,000 to $24,999
Martin J. Ruddy
Up to $10,000
Abbott Laboratories Inc.
Mike and Alyssa Au
Binkley Foundation
Terri Bullock
Henry Bullock
Russell Cox
Michael Dunn
Gilead Sciences, Inc
Life Line Screening of America
Megan and Matt Patterson
Laurence and Sue Spitters
Dr. Ronald and Mrs. Linda Stoney

Up to $5,000
Anonymous (3)
Harold and Rosalie Balzer
Bancroft – Clair Foundation
Maren Bartel
W.F. & Marie A. Batton Foundation
Fred and Bonnie Bertetta
Bingham, Osborn and Scarborough, LLC
Jennifer and David Bressie
Russell and Pat Bromley
Jeff and Carrie Brust
Skip and Betty Brust
Lilia Martinez-Coburn
Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. Conte
Dr. Matthew A. Corriere
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Rachanee Curry
Adam Donelan and Lauren Breslin
Deb Doyle
W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
Michelle and Chad Dupic
Dr. Sean English
Dr. Julie Freischlag and Mr. Philip Roethle
Dr. Douglas and Mrs. Carolyn Grey
Michael and Nancy Hall
Susan J. Harriman
Robert and Wendy Hitchcock
Charlie and Jan Hoeveler*
Dr. Misty Humphries
Dr. Larry and Mrs. Karen Kraiss
David and Emily Liggett
Robert and Jane Mackey
Mast Brothers*
Lori C. McDougal
Mercator Medsystems, Inc.
Dr. Robert F. Merchant Jr., F.A.C.S.
Samantha Neureuther
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Andrew and Ann Reid
Dr. Ulka Sachdev and Dr. Michael C. Ost
Stephen and Pat Schott
Carol Schuler
Dr. Ray and Mrs. Blanche Shaheen
Silverado Spa and Resort*
Julie and Jeff Thomson
Treasury Wine Estates*
Ed and Karen Yu

Up to $1,000
Niecy Chambers
Dr. Warren Gasper
Steven D. Hamburger and Judy Ann Steensland
Dr. Karen Ho

Up to $1,000 (cont.)
Dr. Michael Hong
Lisa and Cal Huntzinger
Steve and Alison Hussey
Ben Hwang
Dr. Michel S. Makaroun and Dr. Sylvia Arlanian
Dr. Keith Ozaki
David and Nicole Rae
Todd and Patricia Renshaw
Stephanie Schwartz
Vahid Vatannia
John and Katherine Williams
Natalie Wisniewski
William and Marsha Wiswall

Under $500
Anonymous (3)
Dr. Oliver Aalami
Dr. Burton and Mrs. Kathleen Baker
David and Trudi Barnes
Mr. Kurt Beitler
Dr. Scott Berceli
Nancy Bott
Dr. Benjamin S. Brooke
Ryan Brusco
Patrick A. Butler
Barbara Carbone
Colleen Chelini
Catherine C. Cheney
Larry and Lyn Christenson
Uriel Cobian
Helene Cohen and Joe Rudberg
Jack Cornish
David and Linda Duncan
Dr. Charles M. Eichler
Candace Geiger Emery
Jim and Amy Emett
Christian and Jacqueline Erdman
Jenny Fang
Richard D. and Lil Fulmer
Caroline Reid and Tim Gaddis
Dr. Zorina Galis
Gargiulo Vineyards
Mike and Becky Garvey
Eleanor Gonzalez
Dr. Albert and Mrs. Shirley Hall
Bruce and Diane Hanger
Marion Hango
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Hazelrig
Maureen Healy
Leo and Florence Helzel
Lew and Joan Horn

Under $500 (cont.)
Wende Hutton
Dr. Jeffrey Hyde and Kirsten Hewett
Katelyn Jackson
Tiffany Jacobs
Dr. William and Mrs. Mary Keenan
Donna Keith
Dr. Rosemary Ku
Mary and Dwight Lancaster
Annie and James Lee
Dennis O. Leuer
Diane Liptak
Stephanie Mantica
Kearney and Leslie Martins
William A. McMillan
Wendy Merrill
Mr. Robert Meyer and Mrs. Sarah Wylie
Jerry Millhon
Kamran Najmabadi
Vicki Norrie
Kathleen O’Rourke
Chris Ordemann
Adam Oskowitz
Anthony Pasquale
Dhara Patel
Laura Philippsen
Dr. Robert Raffai and Dr. Yoko Kuramoto
Kent S. Reed and Mary Hargrove
Tim Robb*
Richard Robins
Paul Ruby
Dr. and Mrs. Luis Fernando Santana
Bill Scherer
Tom Schick
Michael and Carolyn Shigemura
Dr. and Mrs. Gregorio A. Sicard
William and Jane Sikes
Mary Sinor
Berkeley and Carole Smith
Andrew Spinneit
Suzy and Mark Spitz
Stillman Family
Mark and Rosanne Stoney
Nate Tang
Dr. Bryan W. Tillman
Shefali Upton
Dr. Lane and Mrs. Judy Verlenden
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Mary Wakefield
Mark and Rosanne Walsh
Matthew Watson
Dr. Mohammed Zayed
Barry and Melanie Zingler

*In Kind Donation