Peripheral Artery Disease: Michael’s Story

58-year-old Michael is a diabetic and he started experiencing pain in his legs while walking, one of the classic symptoms of peripheral artery disease (PAD). PAD is more common in people with cardiovascular problems and patients with diabetes. His doctors

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A Stent to Save Organs for Transplant

In the United States, only a quarter of the 120,000 patients who need an organ transplant ultimately receive one. Meanwhile, thousands of organs are discarded each year as a result of injury from inadequate blood flow (ischemic injury) as the … Read More

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NIH Funding for Non-Healing Wounds in Diabetic Patients

Dr. Katherine Gallagher, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery at the University of Michigan and 2012 Wylie Scholar has just received $2.4 million from the NIH to investigate how we may be able to better treat non-healing wounds, a major cause … Read More

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$100 Million for Cardiovascular Artificial Intelligence

The Peter Munk Cardiac Centre (PMCC) in Toronto, Canada has received a $100 million donation to optimize qualify of care and improve health outcomes for patients living with cardiovascular diseases.  SAB member and 1998 Wylie Scholar, Dr. Barry Rubin, is … Read More

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